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Simone Laghi

Simone Laghi


Symphony No. 7, Op. 92 (Flute, two violins, two violas, violoncello, double bass) op92


String quartet in E flat major, arranged from Symphony No. 84 (‘Paris’) 84
String quartet in B flat major, arranged from Symphony No. 85 (‘Paris’) La Reine
String quartet in D major, arranged from Symphony No. 86 (‘Paris’) 86


Six string quartets, Volume 1 (String quartet )Monza
Six string quartets, Volume 2 (String quartet )Monza

Simone studied Early Music at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with Lucy van Dael. Particularly interested in Italian string quartets from the classical period, he published and recorded works by Pietro Nardini, Ferdinando Bertoni, Bartolomeo Campagnoli and others. He is regularly performing with important groups such as I Barocchisti, Europa Galante, Arte dell’Arco. As editor, he published several works by Bertoni, Nardini, Campagnoli, Telemann and Barbella.
In 2017 he completed a PhD in Performance at Cardiff University.
He is Artistic Director of Ensemble Symposium.

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