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Enrica Bojan

Giuseppe Tartini: Concerto in E minor D55
Giuseppe Tartini: Concerto in D major D42
Giuseppe Tartini: Concerto in G major D82
Giuseppe Tartini: Concerto in E major D48

In 1990 she graduated summa cum laude at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Padua University, with a dissertation on History of Music and History of the Theatre. At present she is working as a Researcher at the Department of History of Music of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy.

She participates in important music research projects such as the computerisation of Metastasio's works and a critical edition of the librettos by De Gamerra.

She has published studies and research papers in Italian periodicals on music and literature such as 'Lettere Italiane' and 'Rassegna veneta di studi musicali'.

She has taken part in study conferences on librettos at Venice, Leghorn, Odense and Padua, where she presented papers and reports.

She has edited [the modern publication of] the 'Trattato di musica secondo la vera scienza dell'armonia' by Giuseppe Tartini, published by 'Novecento' in 1996. Since 1997 she has been a contributor to 'Edition HH', for whom she has edited for publication some concertos by Tartini, previously unpublished.

She has a Diploma in Pianoforte and Music Education from the Conservatoire `C. Pollini' of Padua

She has played both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. At present she teaches piano in secondary schools in Italy.

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