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Peter Leech

Peter Leech

Selosse Manuscript
The Selosse Manuscript

Conductor Peter Leech (b.1967) has established a reputation in the UK and internationally as a talented interpreter of a variety of choral and orchestral repertoire, ranging from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary music. He has been widely acclaimed for performances characterised by a potent mix of energy and informed scholarship combined with natural musicianship and stylistic sensitivity.

A distinguished scholar as well as a performer, with articles published in Early Music and The Revised New Grove, Peter was awarded a Ph.D in musicology from Anglia Polytechnic University in 2004 for his ground-breaking thesis 'Music and Musicians in the Stuart Catholic Courts, 1660-1718'.

Peterís awards for musical achievements include the Hooper Brewster Jones and Ruby Davy Prizes for Composition in 1987 and 1988 (Elder Conservatorium) and the Adelaide Choral Society Prize (1989). He was also a finalist in the 1992 Channel 10 (Australia) Young Achiever's Awards. In the same year, collaborating with Melbourne-based Gas Theatre, he received a Queen's Trust grant for an innovative contemporary theatrical production of Handel's Semi-Opera Alceste.

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