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Joseph Haydn

Divertimento II

arranged from String Quartet Op. 71 No. 2 by Paul Wranitzky

Flute, oboe, two horns, two violins, viola, violoncello, double bass

edited by Christopher Hogwood

Many works were dedicated to Haydn during his lifetime, often by aspiring pupils or colleagues (Mozart's six string quartets and Beethoven's Op. 2 sonatas are the most known) but a particularly discrete form of flattery came from Pavel Wranitzky, in the form of two printed sets of Trois Divertissemens.
Although these carried no explicit dedication, the title explained that they are "amplifications" of six of Haydn's best-known string quartets, Opp. 71 and 74. Wranitzky expanded the ensemble to nine players by adding flute, oboe, two horns and double-bass, making it one of the larger divertimento scorings for the period; the results were published in 1800, but have since been overlooked by performers. We hope that this year's Wranitzky anniversary (died 26 Sept 1808) will re-focus attention on them; the first of the Op. 71 set was given its modern premiere in Carnegie Hall on the 1st of March last year.

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Divertimento II
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