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Joseph Haydn

Cantata, Ah, come il core mi palpita

Soprano and orchestra

Anton Gabmayer

Haydn appears to have had a particular regard for Celia’s aria “Ah, come il core mi palpita” from his opera La fedeltà premiata, submitting it, with only minor changes, to the Viennese publishing house Artaria, who issued a score and full set of parts in 1782. The title “Cantata”, which Artaria used for the first edition, was the one Haydn chose in his letter recommending separate publication, and it underlines the fact that this is not “merely an aria” from a larger work, but an independent work of art. Indeed, Ah, come il core mi palpita is a remarkable self-contained composition and merits inclusion in any serious concert.

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Cantata, Ah, come il core mi palpita
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