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Johann Sebastian Bach

Concerto in D minor BWV 1052R

Violin, strings and basso continuo

edited and reconstructed by Fabrizio Ammetto
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For nearly 150 years Bach’s ever-popular Concerto in D minor for harpsichord (BWV 1052) has been regarded as a transcription of a much earlier violin concerto. Numerous published reconstructions of this ‘lost original’ have appeared, as well as many modern recordings. However, previous violin reconstructions have proved unsatisfactory from both a musicological and a violinistic standpoint, and some leading scholars have even doubted that the violin was the original solo instrument. This latest reconstruction by late-Baroque specialist and violinist Fabrizio Ammetto, based on careful comparison of five surviving sources and close attention to the idiomatic solo writing (including full-length versions of the cadenzas for the outer movements), convincingly reaffirms the work’s status as a genuine violin concerto. The editor has added figured bass to the score for those who prefer to improvise a keyboard continuo, and the separate parts include a specimen cembalo realization.

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Concerto in D minor | Full score with solo part
hh505.fsc · ISMN 979-0-708185-30-7 · ISBN 978-1-910359-95-2
Concerto in D minor | Instrumental parts (3/3/2/2/Cembalo/Continuo) 
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