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Joseph Haydn

Symphony in G major No. 94 (‘Surprise’).


arranged for pianoforte by Carl David Stegmann

edited by Sarah Jenner

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Haydn’s Symphony No.94 was first performed on 23 March 1792 at London’s Hanover Square Rooms under the direction of Salomon as concertmaster with the composer himself at the fortepiano. The work was an instant success and soon became – and remains – one of Haydn’s most popular symphonies. The soubriquet ‘Surprise’, attached to the work very early on, was prompted by the unexpected forte chord in bar 16 of the Andante. Because of the timpani stroke reinforcing this unanticipated effect, the symphony has traditionally been known in German-speaking countries under the nickname ‘Mit dem Paukenschlag’.

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Symphony in G major ‘Surprise’
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