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Brenda Dykes

March 2004

Trio in G major for flute, violin and cello
Edition HH

Hoffmeister was an exact contemporary of Mozart and his chamber music for flute has often suffered from unfavourable comparison with Mozartís flute quartets. However, I consider this Trio to be, a sparkling, innovative work, which, despite lasting less than 10 minutes, can comfortably take itís place among the very best clamber works for flute and strings.
The opening Allegro is full of vigour and, while the flute undoubtedly, has the most virtuosic material, all three instruments have their dominant moments. Indeed, the cello part is considerably more interesting than those in the Mozart quartets or the Haydn trios. There follows an attractive Adagio in the minor key and the Trio ends with a set of variations in which all three players are allowed to shine, with the honours going almost entirely to the cello in the final coda.
Unlike most Classical composers, Hoffmeister has indicated all the phrasing and dynamic markings, and in this edition the parts are clearly presented. They come with a useful and attractively produced miniature score.

Brenda Dykes

We are grateful to the editor of Pan for permission to reproduce this review.
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