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Jeremy Arden

Bayo's way

Tuba 9 brass instruments electronics

Jeremy Arden

The Tuba
The Tuba is an extraordinary instrument capable of making highly expressive and varied music and yet most people still associate it as the force behind the Bavarian oompha genre, Bayo's Way is, in part, an attempt to challenge this view.

The Music
Bayo's way is really a miniature tuba concerto in one movement. I wanted the soloist to be the provider of pulse, a protagonist, a melodist and a magician. With this in mind, I set out to use the entire vocabulary of the instrument as well as some very unusual electronic extensions.

The Title
Bayo Oshunbiyi is a poet and photographer. Bayo lives life with an intensity that is sometimes frightening and as he would say, "on the edge". The time between dusk and dawn is often spent in the serious appreciation of good music; Bayo knows all the best Jazz venues and many of the best musicians. At six in the morning, when the band has gone, Bayo, elevated by the power of the music, is still sparkling with enthusiasm for life and art.

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