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Pan - the Flute Magazine

Moshe Aron Epstein, Richard Stagg and Daniel Pailthorpe

June 2008

W A Mozart
Symphony No. 39 in E flat major K. 543
Arranged for three flutes by Richard Carte
ed. Christopher Hogwood

Richard Carte is best known from his association with the firm of Rudall, Carte & Co, the flute makers, but he was a man of many talents: this arrangement is clearly the work of a scholar and a very fine musician. This trio was first published by Rudall & Rose (predecessors of Rudall, Carte & Co) in the 1820s when Carte was still in his teens. It is a privilege to be able to play such wonderful music as a flute trio. Once we got used to it, we felt the arrangement works very well. We were amazed at how much Carte managed to keep of the harmony and the counterpoint with such limited forces. The trio is enormous fun to play, and is incalculably more interesting than the Kuhlau trios which we have all played so much. The interest is evenly distributed between the three parts. This trio is moderately difficult with a few tricky passages, but it is certainly worth getting to know. A definite hit, we think.

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