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Simon Balicourt

Set 1: Sonata nos. 3 in D minor and 4 in A minor

Flute and basso continuo

edited by Michael Talbot

The Andante opening Sonata 3, in D minor, demonstrates Balicourtís mastery of a an entirely natural lyricism that is elegant without ever becoming bland. The vivacious Allegro that follows has an endearing playfulness reminiscent of Vivaldi. The third movement, Andante, moves to F major and is noteworthy for some delightful imitative play between flute and bass. A sprightly Minuetto brings up the rear.

Sonata 4, in A minor, opens with a Largo of an almost Handelian gravitas. It is followed by a fleet-footed Allegro that at several points contains figurations derived from violinistic style as exemplified by Vivaldi. For the concluding movement, a graceful Affettuoso, Balicourt switches to A major, a way of lightening the mood that in 1750 was not yet common but very soon was to become a favoured practice in minor-key works.

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Set 1: Sonata nos. 3 in D minor and 4 in A minor
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