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Jeremy Arden

Inventions in isolation


Leaflet Music example No 1 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example No 2 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example No 3 (pdf)

These three pieces are my response to the great pandemic of 2020. Locked down in my house with no work, the only thing to do was to make music. I decided to make pieces that I could play alone. Ahava means abounding love but also refers to an ancient Jewish cantorial mode, known under several other titles, including the Mode of Supplication, or the Freygish mode. This scale connects a whole universe of music from the song of the cantor to klezmer and jazz.

The marvellously named Boddhisatva Wondersound, appears in the Lotus sutra, to remind us that all humanity, whatever their status in society, has a Buddha nature. This music is a celebration of this wonderful shape-shifting trans Boddhisatva.

My good friend and composer Dimitri Smirnov was carried off by the virus as were so many others, the final composition Farewell needs no further explanation.

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