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Concerto in D minor BWV1052R
pixelJohann Sebastian Bach
For nearly 150 years Bach’s ever-popular Concerto in D minor for harpsichord (BWV 1052) has been regarded as a transcription of a much earlier violin concerto. Numerous published reconstructions of this ‘lost original’ have appeared, as well as many modern recordings. However, previous violin reconstructions have proved unsatisfactory from both a musicological and a violinistic standpoint, and some leading scholars have even doubted that the violin was the original solo instrument. This latest reconstruction by late-Baroque specialist and violinist Fabrizio Ammetto, based on careful comparison of five surviving sources and close attention to the idiomatic solo writing (including full-length versions of the cadenzas for the outer movements), convincingly reaffirms the work’s status as a genuine violin concerto. The editor has added figured bass to the score for those who prefer to improvise a keyboard continuo, and the separate parts include a specimen cembalo realization.
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Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Publication date:  October 2020
Instruments: Violin, strings and continuo
Format: Full score and solo part
Duration: c.22'
Pages: xiv/48 + 16
ISMN: 979 0 708185 30 7 
ISBN: '978 1 910359 95 2 
Code: HH505.FSC
Price: £26.00               More information
Leaflet Music example (pdf)

Format: Instrumental parts
Parts: (3/3/2/2/Cembalo/Continuo
ISMN: 979 0 708185 15 4 
Code: HH505.IPT
Price: £56.00               

pixel Baroque violin sonatas

Six sonatas, Op. 20 volume 2
pixelJoseph Bodin de Boismortier
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s Op. 20 sonatas for solo violin and basso continuo (1727) are the least known of all his sets of sonatas for one or more violins and accompaniment. These very fine works are written for a largely domestic and amateur market and are much more accessible technically than similar works published by the composer’s compatriots, all of whom were professional violinists (there is no evidence that Boismortier himself played the instrument). Even if his solo writing can be considered conservative, the sonatas are not devoid of technically challenging passages, and musically they are often far superior to those of his peers. Revealing the unmistakable influence of Corelli’s Op. 5 sonatas, they resourcefully combine sonata da camera dance forms with more ‘serious’ movements of the sonata da chiesa, including several in moto perpetuo style. With the appearance of this modern edition, it is hoped that these sonatas will at last gain the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.      Read more
Composer: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Editor: Michael Elphinstone
Publication date:  September 2020
Instrument: Violin & basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Duration: c.30'
Series: Baroque
Pages: xi/28 + 2 x 12
ISMN: 979 0 708185 09 3 
ISBN: 978 1 910359 92 1 
Code: HH499.FSP
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Leaflet Music example Sonata 4 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Sonata 5 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example Sonata 6 (pdf)
ed. Michael Elphinstone

Inventions in Solitude
pixelJeremy Arden
Jeremy Arden’s three Inventions — ‘Ahava’, ‘Pavane’ and ‘Farewell’ — were written in response to the 2020 pandemic. Locked down at home with no work but wishing to make music, he decided to create pieces he could play alone. The Hebrew word Ahava means ‘abounding love’ but also refers to an ancient Jewish mode, whose usage may be seen to connect a whole universe of music, from the song of the cantor to klezmer and jazz. The second piece celebrates the marvellously named Boddhisatva Wonder Sound, who appears in the Buddhist Lotus Sutra to remind us that all human beings, whatever their social status, have a Buddha nature. The final piece is dedicated to Jeremy’s good friend the composer Dimitri Smirnov, who was among those carried off by the Covid virus.
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Composer: Jeremy Arden
Publication date:  September 2020
Instruments: Piano solo
Format: playing score
Duration: c.15'
Pages: v/19
ISMN: 979 0 708185 14 7 
Code: HH504.SOL
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Leaflet Music example No 1 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example No 2 (pdf)
Leaflet Music example No 3 (pdf)

Barbara Snow’s Animal Jazz
is on the new ABRSM Grade 1 Piano syllabus
Barbara Snow at the piano

Animal Jazz
pixelBarbara Snow
“What impresses me most with this collection is the way in which the composer is able to introduce so much character to each of these highly accessible pieces,but without adding unnecessary complexity in the process. I can highly recommend ‘Animal Jazz’ as a thoroughly charming collection of jazzy pieces, and suspect my own younger students are going to love it!”
Read Andrew Eales's review in Pianodao

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Composer: Barbara Snow
Publication date:  January 2015
Instrument: Piano
Format: Playing score
Series: For children
Pages: vi/16
ISMN: 979 0 708092 96 4 
ISBN: 978 1 910359 07 5 
Code: HH371.SOL
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Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)

ABRSM Grade 1 

After the success of The Little Ballerina
ABRSM has now added Nocturne to the Grade 6 Piano syllabus
Christian Hartmann

The Little Ballerina / Nocturne
pixelChristian Hartmann
Den lille danserinnen (‘The Little Ballerina’) evokes a charming, gracious, light-footed dancer, while Nocturne makes the piano sing in the romantic tradition. Both these delightful short pieces would be ideal encores!
Composer: Christian Hartmannn
Publication date:  April 2016
Instruments: Piano
Format: Performing score
Duration: c.4'
Pages: iii/4
ISMN: 979 0 708146 15 5 
Code: HH398.SOL
Price: £7.95               
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Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)
ABRSM Grade 6 
"I love these two little pieces, and I am sure many late intermediate players will enjoy them equally."
Read the review and listen to Andrew Eales play these pieces and in Pianodao
A Highwire Act

Why not take the opportunity to try out Hummel’s authoritative solo arrangements of Mozart’s piano concertos?

Watch Gigliola di Grazia play the Larghetto from the soon to be released Concerto in D major, K537.

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These contemporary waltzes got a splendid review in Pianodao

Deux Valses
pixelAdriano Cirillo
In these two short piano pieces, Italian composer Adriano Cirillo (b.1951) has sought to capture in music the elusive qualities of nostalgia and melancholy that Charles Baudelaire designated as "Spleen" in his legendary late 19th-century collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal.
Composer: Adriano Cirillo
Publication date:  January 2020
Instrument: Piano
Format: Playing score
Duration: 2 x c.3'
Series: Contemporary
Pages: iv/4
ISMN: 979 0 708185 05 5 
Code: HH495.SOL
Price: £7.95               More information

Notenbeispiel Valse nostalgique
Notenbeispiel Valse mélancolique
"Cirillo certainly has an acute gift for spinning a melodic line; here the main tune weaves its way beautifully through the delicious harmonic twists that underpin it, and will surely delight and melt the hearts of listeners everywhere."
Read Andrew Eales's review in Pianodao

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