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Cantata: Per L’incoronazione di Maria Beatrice d’Este
pixelGiovanni Battista Vitali
Vitali wrote nine cantatas for meetings of the Accademia dei Dissonanti in Modena, an intellectual talking-shop centred on Duke Francesco II's court. Many of these works are described as ‘accademia’, suggesting a distinct subgenre of cantata at this time. Six of them survive in a single source held in the Biblioteca Estense universitaria di Modena.

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Composer: Giovanni Battista Vitali
Publication date:  March 2020
Instrument: Alto, two violins, viola and basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Duration: c.16'
Series: Baroque
Pages: xiii/27 + 3 x 4 + 2 x 8 + 16
ISMN: 979 0 708146 96 4 
ISBN: 978 0 910359 86 0 
Code: HH485.FSP
Price: £27.50               More information

Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)

ed. Martin Perkins

Deux Valses
pixelAdriano Cirillo
In these two short piano pieces, Italian composer Adriano Cirillo (b.1951) has sought to capture in music the elusive qualities of nostalgia and melancholy that Charles Baudelaire designated as "Spleen" in his legendary late 19th-century collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal.
Composer: Adriano Cirillo
Publication date:  January 2020
Instrument: Piano
Format: Playing score
Duration: 2 x c.3'
Series: Contemporary
Pages: iv/4
ISMN: 979 0 708185 05 5 
Code: HH495.SOL
Price: £7.95               More information

Notenbeispiel Valse nostalgique
Notenbeispiel Valse mélancolique

Three ‘Dresden’ sonatas
pixelDiogenio Bigaglia
The sonatas of the Venetian composer and priest Diogenio Bigaglia (c.1676–c.1745) have long found favour among recorder players in particular. This group of three sonatas for violin (or alternative treble instrument) and continuo, dating from before 1716/17, when they were copied in Venice by the visiting Dresden violinist J. G. Pisendel, make an attractive addition to the catalogue. Relatively easy to perform, they are full of personality and conspicuous musical vitality. Read more
Composer: Diogenio Bigaglia
Editor: Michael Talbot
Publication date:  January 2020
Instrument: Violin & basso continuo
Format: Full score and parts
Duration: 3 x c.12'
Series: @Baroque
Pages: xiii/15 + 2 x 12
ISMN: 979 0 708146 98 8 
ISBN: 978 1 910359 88 4 
Code: HH489.FSP
Price: £20.00               More information

Notenbeispiel Sonata No. 1
Notenbeispiel Sonata No. 2
Notenbeispiel Sonata No. 3
ed. Michael Talbot

The Little Ballerina is included in the Grade 6 Piano syllabus of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
The Little Ballerina / Nocturne
pixelChristian Hartmann
Den lille danserinnen (‘The Little Ballerina’) evokes a charming, gracious, light-footed dancer, while Nocturne makes the piano sing in the romantic tradition. Both these delightful short pieces would be ideal encores!
Composer: Christian Hartmannn
Publication date:  April 2016
Instruments: Piano
Format: Performing score
Duration: c.4'
Pages: iii/4
ISMN: 979 0 708146 15 5 
Code: HH398.SOL
Price: £7.95               More information

Notenbeispiel Music example (pdf)
"I love these two little pieces, and I am sure many late intermediate players will enjoy them equally."
Read Andrew Eales's review in Pianodao
A Highwire Act

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