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Baldassare Galuppi


Six Trio Sonatas, volume 1 (Two violins · basso continuo) Galuppi
Six Trio Sonatas, volume 2 (Two violins · basso continuo) Galuppi

Although he is unfairly neglected today, the Venetian musician Baldassare Galuppi known as ‘Il Buranello’ (1706–1785) was an extremely prolific composer, in his time very famous throughout Europe. His extensive production includes both sacred and secular vocal music (motets, psalms, masses, oratorios, cantatas, serious operas and comic operas), as well as instrumental music (sonatas and concertos for harpsichord, concertos for flute/s and bassoon, concerti a quattro for strings and, finally, sonatas and trio sonatas for various ensembles).

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